Sunday, 21 January 2018

Download Waterfox v56.0.3 + Cyberfox v52.6.0 x64

Download Waterfox v56.0.3 + Cyberfox v52.6.0 x64 - Widgets and Cyber-Fraz browser software.
Waterfox is a browser based on the Firefox browser and specifically for 64-bit operating systems. Waterfox In addition to high security, all Firefox features include 32-bit Windows and has higher speeds, which can also load pages at a much faster pace. You will also be able to install all of the Firefox extensions on the WattForge. Cyberfox (Cyberfox) is also a browser like Waterfox.

Waterfox's Key Features:
- 64-bit system browser
- More efficient and faster than Firefox
- Special design
- high security
- Firefox optimized

Download links

Waterfox - 70.3 MB

Cyberfox - AMD Ciphers - 82.6 MB

Cyberfox - Intel Cpu - 82.5 MB

Rar file password is

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