Friday, 26 January 2018

Download GPU-Z v2.7.0 + ASUS ROG Skin

Download GPU-Z v2.7.0 + ASUS ROG Skin - A specialized video card review software
The graphics card (also known as video card, display card, display adapter, graphic adapter and graphics card) is an expansion card that generates output images for the display. Most graphics cards offer various functions, such as renderer accelerators for 3D and 2D scenes, MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 decoding, TV output, or multi-monitor connectivity. The GPU-Z is a very small volume application designed to accurately check your system and display video card and GPU information. With this software you can get very detailed information about the technical details of your graphics card.

Key Features of the GPU-Z Software:
- Supports NVIDIA graphics cards, AMD and Intel
- Applicable on different versions
- View information such as: actual amount of RAM, graphics card, supported DirectX version, GPU clock, bandwidth and bus width of the graphics card, memory type (DDR2, DDR3, etc.) Graphics driver version
- Validate results
- No need to install
- Compatible with different versions of Windows

Download links

Download the original application - 4.95 MB

Download ASUS ROG Skin - 5.05 MB

Rar file password is

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