Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Download AutoMate Premium v11.0.2.22 + BPA Server Enterprise v10.5.0.56 x86 \ x64

 Download AutoMate Premium v11.0.2.22 + BPA Server Enterprise v10.5.0.56 x86 \ x64- Task automation software Many computer users are forced to do duplicate work and seek to do this automatically or with special software. professionals to build and develop automation systems at a specific time. This software does not require any coding to automate various tasks, and only drag and drop will be able to automate tasks in order to perform repetitive tasks faster and thus reduce costs.

AutoMate is a leading automation software for tasks in an IT company. The combination of early capabilities and intelligent design in AutoMate enables IT

AutoMate allows IT professionals to automate a wide range of operations and network calculations, such as: FTP file transfer, job scheduling, duplication of data or file, software testing, data entry, logging events, system performance monitoring, Allows SQL database transactions, email notifications, autonomic calculations, batch processing of data, data conversion, heterogeneous system integration, and so on.

Key features of AutoMate software:
- FTP file transfer automation
- Job Planning
- Monitor logging
- Duplicate data or file in network
- Software Testing
- Information entry
- Monitoring services and applications
- Monitor system performance
- SQL database transactions
- Email notifications
- self healing systems
- batch processing of data
- Data exchange
- Integration of heterogeneous systems

Installation guide
1. Install the software and then run it.
2. Run the Keygen.exe file from the Keygen folder and generate the serial number.
3. Register the software with the information generated by Keygen.

Download links

AutoMate software info

Download 32-bit version - 219 MB

Download the 64-bit version - 254 MB

AutoMate BPA Server software information

32-bit version information - 632.28 megabytes

Download - Part One

Download - Part II

64-bit version information - 708.54 megabytes

Download - Part One

Download - Part II

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